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From the Bottom to the top....and back to the bottom

I laugh every time I hear a song that talks about the struggle from the bottom to the top. My favorite song is Drake's, “started from the bottom, now we're here.” It is another happily ever after song, like most fairytales. You know, when the princess meets her Prince Charming and they ride off together to happily ever after land. How come there aren't any songs about making it to the top and then rolling back down the hill again? Why is it we never hear about what happens to the prince and princess in fairytales, five years later? It would make a great "Where Are They Now? show on TLC.

Well since I don't have access to a TLC producer, here is my update. I struggled with being overweight for most of my life, even though I really wasn’t “that” overweight. I was led to believe that I was a fat kid, fat adolescent, and an obese adult. I thought that after finally losing 130lbs and becoming a certified Group Fitness Instructor who was featured in a national running magazine, and appeared on the Dr. Oz show, that I had made it. I reached the top of the mountain and my prince was on his way up, but I was wrong.