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Holy Hell, I got into the London Marathon!

I woke up on March 14th to some awesome and slightly terrifying news. After years of trying, I won entry into the London Marathon. This is one of the hardest marathons to get into via the lottery. I got in on my 4th attempt, which I think is a miracle. Some of my friends have been trying for more than 5 years to get accepted via the lottery. Honestly, I just entered the lottery this year on a whim. My last marathon was Berlin in 2018, so I have a lot of work to do get back into marathon shape. Trust me, I know how lucky I am to get accepted.

I have a lot of work to do before now and October 2nd. It doesn't matter how many marathons I have completed; this one will be different. Even though this is the one I have been looking forward to the most. My body is different, but I am focused and determined to get me and this new hip across that finish line. Omg, I got into the London Marathon 2022!!!! Sorry for repeating myself but I am still a little, I meant a lot in denial.

I truly believe what you put out in the universe will come back to you. I put a picture of the London Marathon on my vision board in 2019. Obviously, I didn't get in ... and then Covid happened. I didn't think I would ever run another marathon, but the universe has other plans for me.

If you want something bad enough, write it down and then send it into the universe. You still have to work hard to achieve that goal, and one day, I believe it will come to fruition. But you have to work for it!

Do you know people who want something to happen but think that it will happen without the work? They believe the dream job is going to track them down like the car warranty people. They believe their soulmate is going to pop up in their emails like the ones from Hey, I wonder what ever happened to

Well, that only happens on bad reality shows and not real life.

Update: 8/30/22

So, by now you are cheering for me and believing that anything is possible with a little faith and hard work. Unfortunately, a 10cm kidney stone followed by a stent for 3 weeks, forced me to defer the London Marathon. I tried to continue with my training, but I would not have been physically or mentally ready by October 2nd. I normally spend about 5 months training for a marathon. I want to ensure that I am both physically and mentally ready. There was no way I would have been ready in 10 weeks, even with a coach.

I am disappointed and rereading this blog doesn't help. I thought that I had already published this blog sharing my excitement for getting into the London Marathon through the lottery. But I guess the universe knew that I wouldn't make the start line in October...but I will make it one day. My training continues! Keep chasing after your dreams! Remember a dream deferred, is not a dream denied.

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