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I am back on the lead bike!!!

I can't believe it, but I am finally back on the lead bike at Harlem Cycle. After a total right hip replacement and 15 months off the lead bike, I taught my first couple of classes! I never thought I would be back to teaching this soon. Even though I desperately wanted to be back on that lead bike, the little voice in my head kept saying, "nah, you are not ready." I would hear that voice repeatedly and I was actually starting to believe it. I wanted to be at least 20lbs lighter before I started teaching again. Teaching cycling is no joke. You have to cue, instruct, observe, and motivate, all while peddling fast and then faster. It is hard but I love it.

Pre-covid, I was teaching 4 - 5 cycling classes a week at Harlem Cycle and LA Fitness. I was occasionally subbing at New York Sports Club and getting ready to start subbing at 24 Hour Fitness. My classes were full, and I was having a blast. It was like a dream come true because cycling was my first true love. I initially wanted to become an instructor to teach cycling not Zumba. I was inspired by some bad ass instructors whose classes I took as a student. Bell Thunder, Nicole, Kate & Dom kicked my butt every time I took their classes. I left feeling exhilarated and utterly exhausted. I loved that feeling.

Becoming a cycling instructor, forced me to become a better instructor and motivated me to start riding an actual bike again. After 10 plus years, I rode a bike in Central Park as part of Harlem Cycle's community ride. Let's just say the fir