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Nope, Nada, Not Me!!!

Those are the words I told my doctor when he finally discovered the source of my pain. The pain had become so severe that I could barely walk half a block. I am not even going to talk about "my limp" also known as the gangster lean I developed. Only my family and a few friends knew how much pain I was in on a daily basis. I hid it from everyone else.

I continued to teach my classes via Zoom and taught Dance Fitness in the park weekly with some of my favorite instructors. Whenever someone asked about my limp, I just told them that I pulled a muscle. As long as I brought my intensity, sense of humor, and the "Shelly swag", my students were happy. Everyone was happy except for me. I was in pain.

Eventually it got to the point where I had to stop teaching in the park and could only teach via Zoom. I stopped leaving my house because the farthest I could walk was the corner store...and it took forever. This is about the time I developed an unhealthy and expensive relationship with Amazon Prime. I was desperate and couldn't continue to live confined to my house even though the gyms were still closed.