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Pushing Forward

I am not sure why this blog entry has taken me so long to write it. I should be celebrating that I started teaching again after such a long hiatus. My body is finally doing what I want it to do...well almost. However, something is still causing me to show some restraint and not pop any champagne (Hennessy) bottles yet.

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks because I started teaching indoor classes, co-leading another walking group, and swimming again. But something still feels a little off, maybe it is just me being me. It did feel good to be teaching indoor classes even with the covid protocols in place and wearing a mask. Currently, I am teaching Zumba Gold and Zumba Kids classes but... omg! The sweat factor is real! I am teaching participants ages 6 - 80+ years old...and I love it! They are kicking my butt and putting this new hip to work. They came to dance and that is exactly what we are doing!

Honestly, I was slightly terrified before my first Zumba Gold class. Although I practiced for weeks to prepare for that class, it was still scary. I actually felt like a new instructor all over again. I changed my warm-up at 5am because I couldn't get the new one together. But all of my nerves went out of the window as soon as the music started. We laughed, danced, and ended the class a sweaty mess...or at least I did. They loved it and I loved dancing with them. Of course, I had to start wearing my furry leg warmers again, because they were starting to feel neglected.

The Zumba Kids classes truly tested me. They were a ball of energy who were ready to dance and play games. We did a couple of Zumba songs and then played a couple of fitness games. They even taught me a couple of dances which are trending on social media. Now, I have no choice but to download Tic Tok.

Pre-covid, I had stopped teaching kids classes and focused primarily on my adult classes. I am not going to lie; it takes a lot of energy and mental toughness to teach kids on a weekly basis. Before, I wasn't sure I could do it because kids can be brutally honest. My ego was more fragile back then, but now everything has changed. When teaching kids Zumba, it is all about having fun and keeping them moving. I am no longer worried about being the perfect instructor with the best moves.

One thing I have learned throughout this journey, is that I have to keep doing things that scare me. I can no longer afford to just stay in my lane and be content. Life is too short, and it can change in an instant. When I finally close my eyes, I don't want any regrets...except never seeing Luther Vandross in concert. Ugh!!! Besides that, I don't want to feel that this hip replacement surgery caused me to change the essence of who I am. I have learned so much about who I am and who I still want to become. I think I am afraid to celebrate this success because I am not where I feel I should be at this point. But I am still going to keep pushing forward because a setback is not going to stop me.

If my journey can inspire you to do anything, I hope it is to keep pushing forward. We all fall down but you have to keep getting up regardless of how many times you fall or are knocked down. You can use whatever imagery, prayer, mantra, or best "Rocky or Muhammed Ali" quote necessary to get back up...but get back up!

You will always be grateful that you did.

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