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Pushing Forward

I am not sure why this blog entry has taken me so long to write it. I should be celebrating that I started teaching again after such a long hiatus. My body is finally doing what I want it to do...well almost. However, something is still causing me to show some restraint and not pop any champagne (Hennessy) bottles yet.

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks because I started teaching indoor classes, co-leading another walking group, and swimming again. But something still feels a little off, maybe it is just me being me. It did feel good to be teaching indoor classes even with the covid protocols in place and wearing a mask. Currently, I am teaching Zumba Gold and Zumba Kids classes but... omg! The sweat factor is real! I am teaching participants ages 6 - 80+ years old...and I love it! They are kicking my butt and putting this new hip to work. They came to dance and that is exactly what we are doing!

Honestly, I was slightly terrified before my first Zumba Gold class. Although I practiced for weeks to prepare for that class, it was still scary. I actually felt like a new instructor all over again. I changed my warm-up at 5am because I couldn't get the new one together. But all of my nerves went out of the window as soon as the music started. We laughed, danced, and ended the class a sweaty mess...or at least I did. They loved it and I loved dancing with them. Of course, I had to start wearing my furry leg warmers again, because they were starting to feel neglected.